14.4V Electronic Pulse Driver with Brushless Motor WM14DBL

WM14DBL Electronic Pulse Driver


  • Electronic Pulse System reduces the noise level to 68dB, and allows for an optimal screw/bolt tightening or drilling operation for each
    application via electronic control
  • 5 operation modes easily switched by dial: Electronic Pulse mode, Bolt mode, Self Drilling Screw mode, Drill mode and Electronic
    Clutch mode
  • Max torque: 30Nm (265in.-lbs.) in Bolt mode, 11Nm (97in.-lbs.) in Drill mode and 2.3 - 5.3Nm (20 - 47in.-lbs.) in Electronic Clutch mode
  • HiKOKI's effi cient brushless motor
  • Electronic switch for comfortable operation
  • 4.0Ah* Lithium-ion battery provides longer runtime per charge than 3.0Ah* Lithium-ion battery
  • Includes 2 slide Lithium-ion batteries and charger
  • LED light on body


Capacity :Electronic Pulse mode : Wood Screw ø4.2 x 75mm (#8 x 3")
Capacity :Bolt mode : Ordinaly Bolt M4 - M10 (5/32 - 3/8")
Capacity :Bolt mode : High Tension Bolt M4 - M6 (5/32 - 1/4")
Capacity :Self Drilling Screw mode : Self Drilling Screw ø6 (1/4")
Capacity :Drill mode : Woodwork Drilling ø21mm(13/16")
Capacity :Drill mode : Steel Drilling ø10mm (3/8")
Capacity :Drill mode : Mortar Drilling ø6mm (1/4")
Electronic Clutch mode : Small Screw M6(1/4")
Drive 6.35mm (1/4") Hex Bit Shank
Tightening Torque :Bolt mode 30Nm (265in.-lbs.)
Tightening Torque :Drill mode 11Nm (97in.-lbs.)
Tightening Torque :Electronic Clutch mode 5-point Clutch 2.3 - 5.3Nm (20 - 47in.-lbs.)
Tightening Torque :Battery Voltage 14.4V
No Load Speed :Electronic Pulse mode 0 - 1,100/min.
No Load Speed :Bolt mode 0 - 640/min.
No Load Speed :Self Drilling Screw mode 0 - 1,100/min.
No Load Speed :Drill mode 0 - 1,100/min.
No Load Speed :Electronic Clutch mode 0 - 450/min.
Operating Noise 68dB
Overall Length 162mm (6-3/8")
Weight 1.5kg (3.3lbs.)
Standard Accessories 2 Batteries (BSL1440 or BSL1430), Charger (UC18YRSL), Battery Cover, Carrying Case
  • Combinations of battery and charger may vary by countries or areas.

Charging Time for Compatible Batteries

Battery Type
Voltage Type Capacity*1 Cooling
14.4V BSL1415 1.5Ah 40min. 22min. 22/60min
BSL1415X 1.5Ah 40min. 22min. 22/60min
BSL1420 2.0Ah 60min. 30min. 30/80min
BSL1425 2.5Ah 75min. 35min. 35/100min
BSL1430 3.0Ah 90min. 45min. 45/120min
BSL1440 4.0Ah 120min. 60min. 60/160min
BSL1450 5.0Ah 150min. 75min. 75/200min
  1. The figures of battery capacity are nominal values.
  2. With cooling fan.
  3. Two-way AC/DC charger usable with in-car power source.

Note: Manufacturer reserves the right to change specifications of parts and accessories without notice. Specifications and standard
accessories may vary from country to country.

  • Please contact local dealers for product availability and product details.