18V Cordless Circular Saw C1805DA


  • 18V

  • Brushless motor
  • High Power and Fast Speed
    Delivers 1.4times faster speed and 1.3times more thrust force than conventional model C18DBL.

  • Silent Mode
    Provides less noise, more comfort and increased efficiency.

  • Blower Function
    For clear view over the cutting lines.

  • Overload Protection and Soft Start
    For enhanced user safety.

  • Optional Rafter Hook and fluorine plate
    Optional rafter hook and fluorine plate are provided for added convenience.

Explanatory image of Product features and specifications. Soft Grip Handle: Offers optimal control and comfort. Easy-to-use Switch Lock: Ergonomic tampered lock for improved ease of operation. Brushless Motor: The high-efficiency brushless motor for extended product life, more power and less maintenance. Fine parallelism adjuster. : For Bright LED: Illuminates dark areas for better visibility.

High Power and Fast Speed

  • Equipped with a high-efficiency brushless motor, this 18V cordless circular saw C1805DA delivers faster speed and higher power to get your work done fast and efficiently.

    Fast Cutting Speed

    Approx. 1.4 Times Faster
    • The cutting speed of C18DBL is indexed at 100%.

    High Thrust Force

    Approx. 1.3 Times more powerful
    • The maximum thrust force of C18DBL is indexed at 100%.

Easy-to-use Switch Lock

  • The new ergonomic tapered switch lock design allows for optimal operation.

Optional Rafter Hook and fluorine plate

Optional Rafter Hook and fluorine plate are provided for added convenience.

Bright LED Light

The bright LED lights illuminates dark areas for better visibility.

Silent Mode for Less Noise and More Comfort

  • This C1805DA circular saw features a silent mode setting that reduces the motor rotation speed for efficient work with less noise.
    When the load increases during silent mode, the tool will automatically switch over to Power mode and revert back to Silent mode when the load decreases.

    Silent Mode

Selectable LED Lighting Mode

Its LED Lighting mode can be selected to meet user needs and preferences.

Lighting mode ON Interlocking OFF
Indicator lamp Selective LED Lighting Mode
Status LED light is on LED light is on while
the trigger is pulled
LED light is off

Blower Function

The convenient blow function clears debris as you cut for increased precision.

Overload Protection for User Safety

The overload protection functions stops the motor to reduce kickbacks when an overload is detected.

Soft Start

The soft start function reduces noise and recoil during startup and stop.


Capacity Blade Dia. 125mm
Max Cut Depth 90° 47mm
Max Cut Depth 45° 30mm
Battery Voltage 18V
Type of Motor Brushless Motor
No-Load Speed Power Mode 6,000/min
Silent Mode 3,000/min
LED Light Provided
Overload Protection Provided
Soft Start Provided
Kickback Protection Provided
Blower Function Provided
Dimensions (L x W x H) 277 x 176 x 240mm (with BSL1850MA battery)
Weight 2.6kg with BSL1850MA
3.0kg with BSL36B18X*1
Standard Accessories*2 Saw blade, 2Batteries (BSL1850MA),
Charger (UC18YFSL), Guide, Dust Adapter,
Wrench, Battery Cover, Carrying Case
  1. According to EPTA-Procedure 01/2014. The heaviest weight is measured with BSL36B18X battery (sold separately).
  2. Standard accessories vary by country or area.
  • Please contact local dealers for product availability and product details.