18V Cordless Stapler N1804DA

18V Cordless Stapler N1804DA
  • 18V

  • Brushless Motor
  • Brushless Motor
Explanatory image of overall product features. Ergonomic design:The motor is located at the rear for easy and smooth operation. 3-mode Speed Control:3-mode control to adjust the speed to match applications. Auto Mode(For APAC model only):The rotation speed will automatically increases as the loads increase. Brushless Motor:The high-efficiency brushless motor for extended product life, more power and less maintenance. Easy to use Switch Panel:Easy to access switch panel for ease of convenience. Spindle Lock Function:Make changing cutting attachment quick and easy.

Lightweight and Compact Design

With a compact body of only 2.4 kg*, this 18V stapler N1804DA offers good maneuverability and less user fatigue in extended use.

  • With BSL1820M battery.

Air Spring Drive System for Smooth and Stable Stapling Operation

  • This cordless stapler N1804DA comes with HiKOKI's unique Air Spring Drive System that uses compressed air to deliver stable driving power and performance similar to a pneumatic tool.

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Fast and Long Lasting

The model N1804DA can fire up to 2 staples per second and up to 1,000 staples per charge.

  • Using compact 18V 2.0Ah Battery BSL1820M.

Selectable Driving Modes

Two driving modes (Single sequential actuation/Contact actuation) can be selected to match applications.

Tool-less Stapling Depth Control

The tool-less stapling depth control allows for quick and easy adjustment of staple depth.

Bright LED

Integrated LED light provide substantial brightness to the work area.


Driving System Air Spring
Nail Gauge 18Gauge
Applicable Staple Length 15 - 40mm
Driving Speed Up to 2nails/sec
Loading Capacity 110staples
Firing Mode Single Sequential / Contact (Selectable)
Battery Voltage 18V
Type of Motor Brushless
Staples per Charge
(Using BSL1820M battery)
Up to 1,000 staples
Low Temperature Protection Provided
Dimensions (L x W x H) 275 x 92 x 286mm with BSL1820M
Weight*1 2.4 - 3.1kg
Standard Accessories*2 2 Batteries (BSL1820M), Charger (UC18YFSL),
Safety glasses, Nose cap, Hook, Screw, Battery Cover
  1. According to EPTA-Procedure 01/2014. Depending on attached battery. The heaviest weight is measured with BSL36B18X(sold separately).
  2. Standard accessories vary by country or area.
  • Please contact local dealers for product availability and product details.