14.4V / 18V Cordless Radio UR18DSAL

Cordless RadioFUR18DSAL
High Quality Sound / High Sensitivity / High Durability

Handle-integrated frame

  • The frame around the radio reduces any damage (from shock or scratches) to the main body.

    Protection frame structure

Audio playback

Equipped with an AUX input port, the protection storage case stores a smart phone or a portable music player, while the user listening to internet radios*1 or playing music*2.

  1. Communication fees may apply depending on the internet environment.
  2. A commercial stereo mini-plug connector cable (ø3.5mm) is required.

Recharge function

  • A smartphone or a portable music player can be recharged* by connecting the divice to the USB charging port in the protection storage case.

    • A commercial USB charging cable is required. Some devices may not be recharged.
    Music play & charge function

Degree of protection against ingress of water

IPX4 water resistance*

  • Designed to withstand up to 5 minutes exposure to rain.

    • This product is designed to be resistant to water. However, it is not guaranteed that the product will not fail.
    Water protection class

Service time per battery charge

Compatible with 14.4V/18V slide batteries.
Also designed to be operated by household power supply with the included AC adaptor.

Battery capacity *1 Service time *2 (approx.) Condition of use
1.5 Ah 5.5 hr When receiving FM stations at 0.05W X 2 output.
2.0 Ah 7.5 hr
2.5 Ah 9.5 hr
3.0 Ah 11 hr
4.0 Ah 15 hr
5.0 Ah 19 hr
  1. The figures of battery capacity are nominal values.
  2. The service time is approximate. It varies depending on the type of battery, charging condition and conditions of use.

Specifications *

Frequency Band FM: 87.5 to 108MHz
AM: 522 to 1,629KHz (530 to 1,710KHz for the USA and Canada)
Antenna FM: Rubber antenna
AM: Ferrite bar antenna (built-in)
Speaker 90mm (8 Ω) X2
Input Termina AUX IN (ø 3.5mm)
Output Terminal USB Charging Jack (5V 1A)
Max Available Output AC: 5W x 2, 14.4V: 6W x 2, 18V: 7W x 2
Power Supply Slide Battery: DC 14.4V, 18V
Household Power Supply (using provided AC Adapter)
Backup Batteries: DC 3.0V, Two AA Batteries
Dimensions (LxWxH) 366mm x 303mm x 261mm (14-13/32" x 12" x 10-17/64") (with antenna retracted)
Weight 3.4kg (7.5lbs.) (without battery)
Standard Accessories AC Adapter, Two AA Batteries, Recharge Cable Holder (for Apple Lightning Connector)
*Android holder is built into the main unit.
  • Equipped with DAB/DAB+ receiver only for Australia, and Bluetooth® wireless technology only for the USA and Canada.
  • Please contact local dealers for product availability and product details.