18V Cordless Inflator UP18DA

  • 18V

  • High-pressure Mode
    Delivers maximum air pressure up to 1,100 kPa for inflating tires or sports balls.

  • High-volume Mode
    Capable of inflating or deflating recreational equipments such as swim rings, air mattresses or wading pools.

  • Automatic Stop Function
    Allows for automatically stopping at the set pressure. (For High-pressure mode only)

  • Smart and Organized Accessory Storage
    All the standard accessories are conveniently stored for easy carrying.

Explanatory image of Product features and specifications. Backlit Display: For added convenience and ease of use. Bright LED: For better visibility.

  • Standard accessories vary by country or area.

Versatile for A Wide Range of Applications

This 18V cordless inflator UP18DA has both high-pressure mode and high-volume mode, allowing it to complete various inflating or deflating tasks.

  • Car tires
  • Road bike tires
  • Ball
  • Air bed

High-pressure mode

  • This inflator UP18DA comes with the high-pressure mode, delivering maximum air pressure up to 1,100 kPa for inflating various types of tires and sports balls.

    High-pressure mode icon

High-volume mode

  • Its high-volume mode a maximum inflation rate of 430 L/min, allowing for inflating or deflating swim rings, air mattresses or wading pools.

    High-volume mode icon

Auto Stop Function (For High-pressure mode only)

  • The auto stop function in high-pressure mode enables the inflation to automatically stop when the set pressure is reached.

    Settings button and display

2 Power Supplies

The model UP18DA can be powered with a battery pack (HiKOKI 18V slide type Li-ion batteries and MULTI VOLT batteries) or DC 12V in-car power supply.

  • DC 24V in-car power supply can't be used.

Smart and organized Accessory Storage

This inflator UP18DA has convenient storage compartments for storing the standard accessories including various adapters and hoses, making it easy to carry and store.

Bright LED Light

The bright LED lights illuminates dark areas for better visibility.

Image of LED light on

Work Amount per Charge and Time (High-pressure mode)*

Application Battery No. of items
inflated per charge
Time for inflating
one item
Regular car tire
(Size: 215/60R16)
150 → 250kPa BSL36A18X Approx. 13 Approx. 3minutes
Light truck tire
(Size: 205/70R16)
500 → 600kPa Approx. 9 Approx. 4minutes
Tractor tire
(Size: 6-14)
80 → 180kPa Approx. 21 Approx. 2minutes
Road bike tire
(Size: 700 x 25C)
0 → 700kPa Approx. 48 Approx. 50 seconds
  • When operating in High-Pressure mode with the BSL36A18X battery (sold separately). The work amount per charge and time may vary depending on the working conditions and charging status of the battery.
The pressure gauge on the main unit is a rough indication and please use it as a guide. After inflating, please check with an authorized measuring device.


Voltage 18V
Power Supply Battery BSL18 18V Slide Type, MULTI VOLT
DC Cord DC 12V (In-car power supply)*1
Maximum Pressure 160PSI / 11Bar / 1,100kPa
Filling capacity*2 High-pressure mode 16L/min at 130kPa
High-volume mode 430L/min
Hose length High-pressure mode 1,200mm
High-volume mode 490mm
Automatic Stop Function
(For high-pressure mode only)
LED Light Provided
Dimensions (L x W x H) 328 x 185 x 259mm
with BSL36A18X battery (sold separately)
Weight 2.8kg without battery
3.8kg with BSL36B18X*3
Standard accessories*4 12V DC adapter, High-volume hose,
High pressure tapered nozzle, Ball needle,
Presta valve adapter, Dunlop valve adapter,
Large high volume adapter, High volume tapered nozzle
  1. DC 24V in-car power supply can't be used.
  2. When using a fully charged 18V battery (sold separately).
  3. According to EPTA-Procedure 01/2014. The heaviest weight is measured with BSL36B18X battery (sold separately).
  4. Standard accessories vary by country or area.
  • Please contact local dealers for product availability and product details.