Multi Port Charger UC18YTSL

Hassle-free multi-battery charging!
Charges up to four batteries simultaneously

Multi Port Charger:UC18YTSL

In Multi Mode, this charger simultaneously charges up to four batteries

  • The charging mode is switched to Multi Mode by pressing the mode selector switch and all the batteries are simultaneously charged regardless of the number and the capacity of the batteries.
    In Normal Mode, it charges batteries in the order of the port from No. 1 to No. 4.
    Additionally, the MULTI VOLT batteries BSL36A18 and BSL36B18 can be charged in either mode.

    4 Port Chargers

Able to charge smart phones

  • This charger becomes a power supply for USB devices* comprising two USB ports for charging smart phones.

    • USB cable is not included. Please use a commercially available USB cable.
    two USB ports for charging smart phones

Available as a power strip

  • This charger also becomes a convenient power strip with an AC outlet when there is not any free electrical outlet.

    • Please use the charger as a power strip with its plug connected to an electrical outlet.
    AC outlet

Convenient carrying handle


Battery Number of Charging Ports 4
Voltage 14.4V/18V
Assortment Lithium-ion
Type BSL14XX series, BSL18XX series and
MULTI VOLT series (BSL36A18, BSL36B18)
USB Port 5V x 2, Total 2A
AC Outlet*1 230V/240V x 1, 8A
Weight*2 1.6kg without battery
  1. AC devices connected to the charger should not exceed 8A as it may cause the charger to malfunction.
  2. Weight according to EPTA-Procedure 01/2014.

Battery Charging Time, approx. (At 20°C)*1

Battery Charger
Voltage Type Capacity*2 UC18YTSL
18V BSL1815S 1.3Ah 15min
BSL1815 1.5Ah 15min
BSL1815X 1.5Ah 15min
BSL1820 2.0Ah 20min
BSL1825 2.5Ah 25min
BSL1830C 3.0Ah 30min
BSL1830 3.0Ah 20min
BSL1840 4.0Ah 26min
BSL1850 5.0Ah 32min
BSL36A18 5.0Ah 32min
BSL1860 6.0Ah 38min
BSL36B18 8.0Ah 52min
BSL1415S 1.3Ah 15min
BSL1415 1.5Ah 15min
BSL1415X 1.5Ah 15min
BSL1420 2.0Ah 20min
BSL1425 2.5Ah 25min
BSL1430C 3.0Ah 30min
BSL1430 3.0Ah 20min
BSL1440 4.0Ah 26min
BSL1450 5.0Ah 32min
BSL1460 6.0Ah 38min
  1. Each battery’s charging time may increase depending on the ambient conditions and battery conditions. It applies to charging one battery on its own. When charging multiple batteries, total charging time is the sum of individual charging times.
  2. Nominal values.
  • Please contact local dealers for product availability and product details.