Cordless Head Light / Cordless USB Adapter UB18DKL / BSL18UA

Cordless Head Light:UB18DKL

Features of Cordless Head Light (UB18DKL)

3 selectable light modes of Cordless Head Light (UB18DKL)

High : 120lm, Mid : 60lm, Low : 20lm

  • Due to the surface treatment of the reflector, the headlight provides an unfocused distribution of soft and easy-on-the-eyes light over a large area, creating more productive work environment for tasks at arm' length.

    3 selectable light modes

Compact and lightweight 60g design of Cordless Head Light (UB18DKL)

Compact and lightweight

10-stage adjustable angle of Cordless Head Light (UB18DKL)

  • The head light angle is adjustable in 10 stages from 0º to 90º.

    10stage adjustable angle

Degree of protection against ingress of water

IPX4 water resistance (for UB18DKL only) *

Designed to withstand up to 5 minutes exposure to rain.

  • The UB18DKL is designed to be resistant to water. However, it is not guaranteed that the product will not fail.

Specifications of Cordless Head Light (UB18DKL)

Model UB18DKL (Cordless Head Light)
Input Voltage DC5V (USB port)
Light Source (Capacity) 3W high-luminance white LED
Lighting Mode Switch 3 stages (LOW/MID/HIGH)
Brightness: High mode Maximum 120 lm / 100 lx
Light Adjustment Angle 90º (10 stages)
Dimensions (L x W x H) 77 x 35 x 49mm (3-1/32" x 1-3/8" x 1-59/64")
Weight 60g (0.13lbs.)

Features of Cordless USB Adapter (BSL18UA)

Two USB ports * of Cordless USB Adapter (BSL18UA)

  • Can be used not only to power the UB18DKL cordless head light, but to recharge other USB-compatible devices.

    • Available with the BSL18UA cordless USB adapter. Some devices may not be compatible. The USB and DC12V output ports cannot be used simultaneously. When cables are connected to both ports at the same time, power will only be supplied by the USB output port.
    USB port

Auto power-off function of Cordless USB Adapter (BSL18UA)

The BSL18UA cordless USB adapter automatically shuts off after 10 minutes has elapsed in case that
(1) neither USB port is used:
(2) every device connected to a USB port is powered off.

(The cordless head light doesn't shut off automatically.)

Hook for easy transport of Cordless USB Adapter (BSL18UA)

  • Designed to be attached securely to the belt, the hook provides better mobility in a variety of settings.

    Hook for easy transport

Specifications of Cordless USB Adapter (BSL18UA)

Model BSL18UA (Cordless USB Adapter)
Battery Voltage 14.4/18V Li-ion battery
Output Port USB output x 2 (5V, total 2A),DC12V output x 1 (2A)
Battery Overdischarge Protection Yes
Auto Power-off Time 10 minutes
Dimensions (L x W x H) without battery 92 x 75 x 56mm (3-5/8" x 3" x 2-7/32")
with BSL1850 117 x 80 x 102mm (4-39/64" x 3-5/32" x 4-13/32")
Weight (battery not included) 156g (0.34lbs.)

Hours of continuous use (Approx.) *

Battery 18V 14.4V
BSL1850 BSL1840 BSL1825 BSL1450 BSL1440 BSL1425
5.0Ah 4.0Ah 2.5Ah 5.0Ah 4.0Ah 2.5Ah
Low Mode 48 hours 38 hours 24 hours 43 hours 34 hours 21 hours
Mid Mode 34 hours 27 hours 17 hours 30 hours 24 hours 15 hours
High Mode 21 hours 17 hours 10 hours 18 hours 14 hours 9 hours
  • Hours of continuous use will vary depending on factors such as battery type and usage.
  • Please contact local dealers for product availability and product details.