18V Cordless Lantern UB18DF

18V Cordless Lantern:UB18DF
  • 18VLi-ion battery

360° Lighting with No Dead Spots

Full 360° Range

Super Bright

UB18DF is 750lm and 2x brighter than conventional model UB18DDL.
  • The value is for reference purposes. It may vary according to the state of battery charge and other operating conditions.

Lightweight and Portable

0.4kg without battery
1.1kg with BSL36A18 battery

Can be carried with one hand


Portable and great to use at jobsites and for emergency purposes

Holding it in the hand and illuminating the staircase.

Convenient for outdoor recreational activities

Use outdoors by hanging it from a tree branch.
  • When you hang up the unit high, make sure to hook it safely and secure it with a band (sold separately) or string. This product is not water/dust-proof. Do not expose it to rain.

Hanging Hook

The hook can be pulled and turned around.

Color Plates

Optional color metal plates allow the light to be customized as per user's liking.

Battery Replacement Notification Lamp

Continuous Runtime per Charge*

Battery 18V
Low (320lm) High (750lm)
3.0Ah Approx. 17h Approx. 7h
5.0Ah Approx. 29h Approx. 12h
8.0Ah Approx. 46h Approx. 19h
  • Actual runtimes may vary according to types of batteries and operating conditions.


Battery Voltage 18V
Brightness Adjustment Range High 750lm
Low 320lm
LED (White) 0.2W x 24pcs.
Dimensions (L x W x H) 98 x 79 x 301mm (without Battery)
Weight 0.4kg (without Battery)
PDF: 1,544KB
  • Please contact local dealers for product availability and product details.