18V-14.4V Cordless Searchlight UB18DA

Cordless Searchlight:image of UB18DA
  • Wider & Longer-lasting*

    Wide mode with optional tripod

    Farther & Brighter

    Massive 2,500 lumens (Spot + Wide Mode)

    The UB18DA cordless searchlight has four output modes: the Wide and Wide(Eco) modes provide a broader spread of light, while the Spot mode illuminates to greater distances. The Spot+Wide mode combines both spot and flood beams and delivers 2,500 lumens for illumination across far and wide distances. Additionally, out of all the modes, the Wide(Eco) mode offers the longest runtime of about 22 hours.

    • “Longer-lasting” refers to the Wide(Eco) mode only.

Superior jobsite illumination

  • Handle


    Hanging Hook*

    Hanging Hook

    Tripod (Optional)

    Tripod (Optional)
  • The unit should be additionally secured with a cord or string.

Continuous Runtime*[ with a BSL1860 battery ]

Spot + Wide
Wide (Eco)
Spot + Wide Mode Spot Mode Wide Mode Wide (Eco) Mode
Approx. 3 hr Approx. 6 hr Approx. 5.8 hr Approx. 22hr
  • “Continuous runtime” refers to the operating time with a fully charged battery. The values are shown for reference purposes only, as the actual continuous runtime may vary depending on the frequency of battery usage, battery capacity, ambient temperature, and other factors.

IP54 Water and Dust Resistant (IEC Standard)

Our IP54-compliant products are designed to withstand the effects of dust and splashing water, but the risk of malfunction should not be ignored. Do not use or leave the searchlight in locations where it is subject to excessive amounts of dust or to rainwater or where it is submerged in water.

MULTI VOLT Battery Compatible

  • When used in 18V tools, the MULTI VOLT batteries are 18V 5.0Ah (BSL36A18) / 8.0Ah (BSL36B18).

    MULTI VOLT Battery

    BSL36A18 Battery


Battery Voltage 14.4V and 18V
LED Light Bulbs 18W × 1 / 3W × 8
Brightness 2,500 lumens (max)
(W × L × H)
203mm × 280mm × 204mm
Weight 1.85kg (without battery)
PDF: 322KB
  • Please contact local dealers for product availability and product details.