MULTI VOLT (36V) Cordless Grass Trimmer / Brush Cutter CG36DC / CG36DC(L)


CG36DC for EU

CG36DC(L) for EU


CG36DC(L) for APAC

  • MV
  • Brushless motor
Explanatory image of overall product features. Ergonomic design:The motor is located at the rear for easy and smooth operation. 3-mode Speed Control:3-mode control to adjust the speed to match applications. Auto Mode(For APAC model only):The rotation speed will automatically increases as the loads increase. Brushless Motor:The high-efficiency brushless motor for extended product life, more power and less maintenance. Easy to use Switch Panel:Easy to access switch panel for ease of convenience. Spindle Lock Function:Make changing cutting attachment quick and easy.

High Torque and Highly Durable

With the high efficiency brushless motor which increases the power and performance, CG36DC delivers 1.6 times higher torque than the conventional model CG36DB.

3-mode Speed Control

3-mode speed control allows users to select the speed match the applications.

Model EU Model
Power 6,000/min
Normal 5,000/min
Eco 3,500/min
Model APAC Model
Power 6,000/min
Auto 4,700/min
Eco 3,000/min

Auto Mode (For APAC model only)

  • The Auto Mode which automatically increases rotation speed when the loads gets heavier.

    Mode Indicator, Mode Switch

Spindle Lock Function

  • The spindle lock can be locked by just pressing the lock button for easy and quick cutting attachment changing.

    • The image of Japan model is used for demonstration purpose.
    Lock Button

Easy-to-use and Easy-to-access Switch Panel

The switch panel is conveniently located closed to the handle for ease of use.

Ergonomic Design

The motor is located at the rear for easy control and good maneuverability.

Continuous Operating Time per Charge*

Model Name Battery Continuous Operating Time per Charge Under No-load
CG36DC BSL36B18X 4.0Ah
(MULTI VOLT Battery)
For APAC model Blade Eco: Approx. 160min Auto Mode: Approx. 80min Power: Approx. 50min
Nylon Eco: Approx. 80min Auto Mode: Approx. 24min Power: Approx. 10min
For EU model Blade Eco: Approx. 140min Normal Mode: Approx. 75min Power: Approx. 50min
Nylon Eco: Approx. 50min Normal Mode: Approx. 20min
  • The values shown are for reference purposes and may vary according to the state of the battery and other conditions.


Model CG36DC CG36DC(L)
Battery Voltage 36V
Type of Motor Brushless
Type of Handle Bike Handle Loop Handle
Cutting Capacity Dia. blade 255mm
Nylon Head 440mm
No Load Speed Power 6,000/min
Auto*1 / Normal*2 4,700/min*1
Eco 3,000/min*1
Dimensions (L x W x H)*3 1,835 x 625 x 605mm 1,835 x 355 x 280mm
Weight 5.4kg with BSL36B18X battery*1,4
5.8kg with BSL36B18X battery*2,4
5.2kg with BSL36B18X battery*1,4
5.2kg with BSL36B18X battery*2,4
Compatible Battery*5 MULTI VOLT battery
Standard Accessories*6 ⌀255*3T blade, Nylon head, Cutter cover, Shoulder belt(Single),
Shoulder belt(Double)*7, 7X19 combi box wrench, 4mm Hex. bar wrench,
Pouch cloth, Guard with extension for nylon head
  1. For APAC model.
  2. For EU model.
  3. Including the battery BSL36B18X (sold separately), guard, and shoulder belt but excluding the cutting attachment.
  4. Including the battery BSL36B18X (sold separately), cutting attachment, guard, and shoulder belt. According to EPTA-Procedure 01/2014.
  5. AC/DC adapter (Model ET 36A) cannot be used. Existing batteries (BSL 3660/3626X/3626/3625/3620, BSL 18 and BSL 14 series) cannot be used with this tool.
  6. Standard accessories vary by country or area.
  7. For CG36DC EU model only.
  • Please contact local dealers for product availability and product details.