MULTI VOLT(36V) Cordless Demolition Hammer H3641DA


For Europe


For APAC Region

  • MV
  • Brushless motor
  • LVH
  • Hexagon

High Demolition Performance Equivalent to Current AC Products

  • By utilizing the high output BSL36B18X battery, the MULTI VOLT H3641DA cordless demolition hammer can deliver high demolition performance comparable to that of current corded H41MB2.

    Equivalent Demolition Performance

Compact and Lightweight Design for Optimal Control

  • The H3641DA is compact and lightweight, with only 427mm in length (from top to handle) and 6.3kg* (With D type side handle)/6.1kg* (with Bar type side handle) allowing for ease of use and less user fatigue, especially during continuous use applications.

    • Weight includes the side handle and BSL36B18X battery.

Low Vibration Handle for Less Vibration and More User Comfort

  • The model H3641DA features a low vibration handle comprises an upper unit with rubber dampers and a lower unit with a hinge and dampers to ensure a high vibration absorbing effect for added user comfort and less fatigue.

Bright LED Light

  • A high-brightness LED Illuminates the spot you are working on and turns off 10 seconds after releasing the trigger switch.

Easy to Hold

  • Resin cylinder case cover for better control in various applications.

One-Push Bit Mounting

A bit can be mounted quickly and easily by inserting it into the tool holder.

Multiple Bit-Angle Settings

Variable lock mechanism allows 12 different chisel angles.

4-Step Push Button Impact Rate Selection for Versatility

  • Four power levels of impact rate from 1,500-2,880/min to match the application and improve productivity.

    Impact Rate Selector Switch
Display Lamp
Full Load Impact Rate 1,500/min 2,000/min 2,400/min 2,880/min

Performance per Charge*

Work Ah Performance per Charge*
Concrete Demolishing 4.0Ah
Approx. 14 mins per charge
  • The values are shown for reference purposes and may vary according to materials and conditions.


Bit Shank SDS-max
Battery Voltage 36V
Full Load Impact Rate 1,500 - 2,880/min
Impact Energy*1 6.8J
Dimensions*2 (L x H x W) 463 x 248 x 95mm
Weight*3,4 6.0 - 6.3kg (13.2 - 13.9lbs.) (with D type side handle)
5.8 - 6.1kg (12.8 - 13.4lbs.) (with Bar type side handle)
Vibration Total Values
(triax vector sum) *5
9.6 m/s2 (with D type side handle)
9.7 m/s2 (with Bar type side handle)
Standard accessories*6 2 Batteries (BSL36B18X), Charger (UC18YSL3),
Side Handle, 2 Battery Covers, Bull point, Carrying Case
  1. According to EPTA-Procedure
  2. With BSL36B18X battery attached
  3. Weight includes a side handle and a battery.
  4. According to EPTA-Procedure 01/2014. Weights vary subject to the battery installed and the heaviest weight is measured with the BSL36B18X battery.
  5. According to EN62841-2-6.
  6. Standard accessories vary by country or area.
  • Please contact local dealers for product availability and product details.