18V Cordless Disc Grinders G1810DE / G1812DE / G1813DVE / G1813DE

  • G1810DE

    • Available in APAC only.
  • G1812DE

    • Available in Europe only.
  • G1813DVE

    • Available in Europe only.
  • G1813DE

  • 18VLi-ion battery

  • Brushless Motor

Powerful Grinding with 750W Max Output and Excellent Dust Resistance Makes the Toughest Jobs Easier

  • More Power

    The optimized motor control provides higher output power.

    Max Output*1

    Max output 750W, approx 10% higher than the Conventional models (G18DBBVL / G18DBBAL)
  1. The values shown are for reference purposes and may vary according to the workpiece materials and other operating conditions.
  2. G1810DE / G1812DE / G1813DVE / G1813DE

2.5X More Dust Resistant*

Highly Durable Ball Bearings

The ball bearings are less exposed to dust, which lowers the risk of damage.

Dust and Water Resistant Switch

The switch is laser-welded for increased protection against dust and water.

  • Vs.the G3610DA cordless grinder. The figure is for reference only.

Maintenance Free & High Efficiency Brushless Motor

Longer Lifetime

The brushless motor offers a significantly extended product life cycle by eliminating trouble including armature burnout, layer short or commutator wear even in severe work environments.

No Carbon Brush Replacement Required

There is no hassle and no cost of carbon brush replacement.

Designed for Maximum Ease of Use

  • 'Continue To Run' Function*

    Even after the motor has stopped due to overloading, it gets activated automatically if the load decreases within 1.5 seconds, so users do not have to restart the tool manually.

    • The motor may not automatically restart when the kick-back protection is activated or for other safety reasons. In that case, the tool needs to be turned off and on manually.
  • Small Grip Circumference

    The lightweight and compact body with a slim grip and small head offers easy handling and efficient operation.

    • As of November 2022. Among cordless disc grinders made by leading power tool manufacturers. (Survey by Koki Holdings.)
    Smallest in class* circumference around motor 56mm, 46mm Grip circumference
  • Variable Speed Control with Auto Mode Only applicable to G1813DVE

    Variable Speed: Variable speed control allows users to change the rotation speed between 3,200 - 8,000 RPM to suit the application.

    Auto Mode: The speed automatically shifts between 5,500 and 8,000 RPM, depending on the load, which results in more effective operation.

    Variable Speed Dial

    Auto Mode Switch

    Auto Mode turns on just by pressing its button.

    Dial Settings and No Load Speeds

    Dial No Load Speed (/min) Use
    1 3,200 Dial 1-2:Polishing,Finishing Dial 1-4:Removal of Paint or Coat, Removal of Rust, Removal of Burrs Dial 3-6:Grinding Dial 4-6:Rough Grinding,Cutting
    2 3,600
    3 4,600
    4 5,600
    5 7,200
    6 8,000
    Auto mode
    5,500 Light Work, Standby State
    8,000 Grinding, Cutting
  • 3 Position Side Handle

    The three-position side handle provides control in multiple positions. Fitting the side handle on top of the tool allows for easy operation in tight spaces.

  • Easy to Maintain Mesh Dust Filter

    An easy to replace mesh filter provides additional protection from dust.

Great Safety Features

  • Kickback Protection System

    Monitors a sudden drop in the motor rotation speed and stops the motor quickly to reduce the reaction force (kickback).

    Depending on operating conditions, the Kickback Protection System may not work or provide specified performance. Make sure that the workpiece is placed and supported properly, and that the main unit is held firmly during operation. Additionally, carefully read "KICKBACK AND RELATED WARNINGS" in the instruction manual.
  • Drop Shut off Function

    When the tool has been dropped, a shock sensor senses the impact and shuts off the motor to prevent accidents. (Only applicable to G1813DVE)

  • Restart Protection

    The motor does not restart after the power has been temporarily cut off during operation to avoid accidents.

  • Soft Start

    Allows comfortable operation by reducing the reaction force on start up.

  • Electronic Brake

    Stops the wheel within seconds when the trigger is released, so users can get back to work quickly without wasting time waiting around for the wheel to slow down.

    Use only the wheel washer supplied.

Runtime per Charge*

Work Ah Runtime per Charge
Concrete Scoring Using a 125mm diamond wheel,
Work Material: Concrete,
Cutting Depth: 20mm, Thrust Power: 30N
5.0Ah Approx. 8.3m
Grinding Using a 125mm diamond wheel,
Work Material: SS400, Thrust Power:30N
5.0Ah Approx. 8.9min
  • The values shown are for reference purposes and may vary according to the workpiece materials and other operating conditions.


Model G1810DE
  • Available in APAC only.
  • Available in Europe only.
  • Available in Europe only.
Capacity Wheel Dia. 100mm 115mm 125mm
Hole Dia. 16mm 22.23mm
Thickness 6mm
Spindle Thread M10 x 1.5 M14 x 2
Battery Voltage 18V
No Load Speed AUTO Mode 5,500/min
Transmission Mode 8,000/min 3,200 - 8,000/min 8,000/min
Overall Length 375mm 389mm
Weight*1 with BSL1850MA 2.7kg 3.0kg 3.0kg 2.9kg (APAC)
3.0kg (Europe)
with BSL36B18*2 3.0kg 3.3kg 3.4kg 3.3kg (APAC)
3.4kg (Europe)
Standard Accessories*3 2 Batteries (BSL1850MA), Charger (UC18YSL3), Side Handle,
Wheel Guard, Depressed Center Wheel*4, Cutting Guard Clip*5,
Wrench, 2 Battery Covers, Carrying Case
  1. Weight according to EPTA-Procedure 01/2014.
  2. Sold separately.
  3. Standard accessories vary by country or area.
  4. Included only in APAC.
  5. Included only in Europe.
PDF (APAC): 1,743KB
PDF (Europe): 1,085KB
  • Please contact local dealers for product availability and product details.