14.4V/18V Cordless Disk Grinders with Brushless Motors G14DBL/G18DBL

  • G14DBL Cordless Disk Grinders with Brushless Motors


  • G18DBL Cordless Disk Grinders with Brushless Motors


Best in Class*1 Cutting Performance per Charge

Achieved by High Efficiency Brushless Motor and High Capacity 5.0Ah Batteries

Up to 1.5x Higher Cuttuing Performance
  1. As of November 2014. Among 14.4V/18V cordless disc grinders made by leading power tool manufacturers. (Surveyed by Koki Holdings.)
  2. The values in the chart are for purpose of reference. They may vary according to the material to be cut and operating conditions.

Powerful motor

for easy cutting operation.

Up to 1.6x Higher Cutting Performance

Over-current Protection prevents burnout by monitoring a current in the battery and motor.

  • The values in the chart may vary according to the battery's state of charge and operating conditions.

Smallest Body & Grip Circumference and Most Lightweight in its class*1

  • Lightweight and compact body with a slim grip and small gear cover for easy handling and efficient operation.

    1. As of November 2014. Among 14.4V/18V cordless disc grinders with brushless motors made by leading power tool manufacturers. (Surveyed by Koki Holdings.)
    2. The weights of G18DBL with 100mm wheel dia. capacity and G14DBL are 2.3kg.
    Lightweight 2.4kg, Overall Length 326mm, Slim grip 152mm, Gear cover height 60mm

Deep cutting in concrete

AUTO Mode Function

For reducing noise and vibration in no-load operation

  • With the AUTO Mode switched on, the speed automatically shifts between high and low speeds depending on the load. That allows more effective operation.

    Concrete cutting depth 30mm
  • Best suited for
    Interior constructions in noise-sensitive areas.
    Saving battery power for longer runtime.

    The RPM is automatically switched

Dust & Water-Resistant Construction

Remarkably increses durability

  • By resin-coating the circuit boards, the electronic parts are protected from dust and water.
    Note: This series of products is designed to be resistant to dust and water. However, it is not guaranteed that they will not fail.
    Do not use or leave the products in environments with excessive amounts of dust, in the water or under the rain.

    Resin coated
  • Equipped with Mesh Filters
    Fine mesh filters significantly improve the dust resistance.
    The toolless removable filter makes its maintenance easier.

    The toolless removable filter

Kickback Protection System

Monitors a sudden drop in the motor rotation speed and stops the motor quickly to protect the reaction force (kickback).

Depending on operating conditions, the Kickback Protection System may not work or provide specified performance. Make sure that the workpiece is placed and supported properly, and that the main unit is held firmly during operation.
Additionally, carefully read "KICKBACK AND RELATED WARNINGS" in the instruction manual.

Anti-Restart Protection

Prevents the power tool from starting up when a battery is inserted with the switch left on, for accident avoidance.

Soft Start

Allows comfortable operation by reducing the reaction force on start up.


Model G14DBL G18DBL
Capacity: Wheel Dia. 115mm (4 - 1/2") / 125mm (5") 100mm (4") 115mm (4 - 1/2") / 125mm (5")
Capacity: Hole Dia. 22.23mm (7/8") 16mm (5/8") 22.23mm (7/8")
Spindle Thread M14 x 2 M10 x 1.5 M14 x 2
Battery Voltage 14.4V 18V
No Load Speed 9,000/min.
AUTO mode : 5,500/min.
Overall Length 326mm (12 - 27/32")
Weight *1*2 2.3kg (5.1lbs.) 2.4kg (5.3lbs.)
Standard Accessories:
2 Batteries
BSL1450 BSL1850
Standard Accessories:
Depressed Center Wheel
115mm dia. or 125mm dia. 100mm dia. 115mm dia. or 125mm dia.
Standard Accessories Charger (UC18YML2 or UC18YFSL), Side Handle (Vibration-Absorbing type or Standard type), Wrench, Battery Cover, Carrying Case
  1. Weight: According to EPTA-Procedure 01/2003.
  2. Weight includes a standard side handle.

Note: Manufacturer reserves the right to change specifications of parts and accessories without notice. Specifications and standard accessories may vary from country to country.

  • Please contact local dealers for product availability and product details.