MULTI VOLT(36V) Cordless Dust Extractor RP3608DA(L)

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MULTI VOLT(36V) Cordless Dust Extractor RP3608DA(L)

  • MV
  • Brushless motor

Quick and Easy Dust Disposal

  • The new tank has a smoother inner surface than before, which makes dust disposal easier.

    Dust Stuck in Edges and Grooves

    Shape of the inside of a conventional tank
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    Easy to Clean Smooth Inner Surface

    Shape of the inside of the tank of this product

Easier to Push on Carpet

  • The improved master nozzle makes it lighter and easier to push the vacuum cleaner on carpet.

    Back of the floor suction of our conventional products
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    Back of the new floor suction


Application Wet & Dry use
Max Vacuum Pressure 20.1kPa
Max Airflow 3.5m3/min
Tank Material Resin
Effective Dust Volume Dry 8L
Wet 6L
Max Suction Power 300W
Dimensions (W x D x H) 331 x 369 x 408mm
Weight*1 9.9kg (with 2 x BSL36A18 batteries)
10.4kg (with 2 x BSL36B18 batteries)*2
Standard Accessories*3 2 Batteries (BSL36A18),
Charger (UC18YSL3),
Hose (38mm inside dia. & 1.5m length),
Zoom Pipe, Master Nozzle,
Crevice Nozzle, Water Filter,
Tool Bag, 5 Plastic Bags,
2 Battery Covers, Tool Box
  1. Weight: According to EPTA-Procedure 01/2014.
  2. Sold separately.
  3. Standard accessories vary by country or area.
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  • Please contact local dealers for product availability and product details.