18V Cordless Air Duster RA18DA

  • 18V

  • Brushless motor

Versatile for Both Jobsites and Outdoor Activities

Offering both inflation and deflation functions along with various accessories, this air duster RA18DA is multi-functional and ideal for a wide variety of applications, including cleaning, blowing, inflating and deflating.

Blowing sawdust
Blowing dust
Cleaning power tools
Cleaning windows (Accessory Used)
Cleaning tents (Accessory Used)
Inflating swim rings or air mattresses (Accessory Used)
Deflating swim rings or air mattresses (Accessory Used)
  • The application images of Japanese version and 12V air duster (RA12DA) are shown for demonstration purposes.
  • Depending on the object to be inflated, it may not be adequately filled with air. If the inflation is too weak, additionally use a manual pump to adjust the tension.

Lightweight and Compact Design

  • At only 224mm in length and 1.2kg*, this air duster RA18DA offers easy maneuverability and less user fatigue in extended use.
    Its air dust nozzle can be compactly stored for easy carrying.

    • With MULTI VOLT BSL36A18X battery.

High Air Velocity

This air duster delivers high air velocity up to 122m/s with low air volume for high speed and high efficiency.

  • With air dusting nozzle.

Patent Pending Convenient On-lock mode and Two-Mode Operation

  • Continuous operation(on-lock mode) can be performed by pulling the trigger twice quickly and releasing it.
    Two-level blowing power (Low or High) can be selected to match the applications.

Convenient Standard Accessories

Application Standard Accessories Code No.
Blowing / Cleaning Air Dusting Nozzle 379040
Inflating / Deflating Nozzle (A) / Nozzle (B) 379041 / 379042
Deflating Suction attachment 379043

Bright LED Light

  • The built-in LED light provides better visibility while working.

Handy Hook

  • A hook is included as a standard accessory for added convenience.

Optional Color Metal Plates

  • Optional color metal plates in 5 colors allows for customizing your tool to your liking.

  • Titanium Silver

    Sky Blue

    Signal Red


    Light Gold


Voltage 18V
Type of Motor Brushless
No Load Speed 89,000/min
Maximum Air Flow*1 0.7m3/min
Air Velocity*2 Maximum 122m/s
Average 100m/s
Maximum Pressure 18kPa / 2.61PSI
Type of Switch Variable speed trigger switch
LED Light Provided
Hook Provided
Dimensions*3 (L x W x H) 224 x 94 x 253mm
Weight*3 1.2kg
Standard accessories*4 Air dusting nozzle, Nozzle (A), Nozzle (B), Suction attachment, Hook
  1. Without air dusting nozzle.
  2. With air dusting nozzle.
  3. With air dusting nozzle, hook, and BSL36A18X battery.
  4. Standard accessories vary by country or area.
  • Please contact local dealers for product availability and product details.