18V Cordless Cleaners R18DC / R18DTC

  • 18V Cordless Cleaner R18DC


  • 18V Cordless Cleaner R18DTC


  • 18V

Smooth and Easy Vacuuming on Carpets or Rugs

  • The optimal design of the flooring nozzle* with a moving blade enables the cordless cleaner to glide on carpets or rugs easily.
    Its front rollers allow for easy climbing on carpets to avoid getting stuck.

    Cleaning the carpet
    Climbing over a step made by the floor and carpet
  • The flooring nozzle B (No. 380948) can be used on the conventional models R18DB and R18DTB.

Powerful but Quiet

The cleaner R18DC and R18DTC deliver high suction power of 40W for efficient cleaning but have low noise level of 68dB for comfortable cleaning.

High-Performance Filter

  • A high-performance fabric filter offers a filtration efficiency 39% greater than a conventional model*1,2 to achieve high-quality cleaning.

    1. Vs. HiKOKI R18DA cordless cleaner.
    2. The filtration efficiency was tested with 20g talc powder. Using the filter does not guarantee complete removal of dust particles and viruses.

Easy and Quick Dust Disposal

The dust case is designed for easy dust removal and eliminates the need for disposable bags.

1. Turn the dust case back and forth a couple of times.

Equipped with High Performance Filter

2. All dust is collected in the vacuum cleaner.

Equipped with Dust Removal Blades

3. Empty the dust case.

Bagless & Economical
  • Convenient Low Battery Indicator (for R18DC only)

    Easy-to-read power indicator light warns when the battery life is getting low to reduce unexpected downtime.

    3 Power Modes (for R18DC only)

    The suction power can be switched among 3 modes: 3 HIGH, 2 MID and 1 LOW to match different applications.

Easy ON/OFF Trigger Switch (for R18DTC only)

  • On/Off trigger switch for ease of control and operation.

Bright LED Light

  • The built-in LED light provides better vision while vacuuming.

Universal Nozzle Holder

  • The universal nozzle holder can hold various accessories such as the crevice nozzle, the rack brush* or the round brush*.

    • The rack brush (No. 375371) and the round brush(No. 375372) are sold separately.

Continuous Operating Time per Charge*

Model Name Battery Continuous Operating Time
per Charge
R18DC 5.0Ah 3(High): Approx. 40min
2(Mid): Approx. 48min
1(Low): Approx. 66min
R18DTC 5.0Ah Approx. 40min
  • The values shown are for reference purposes and may vary according to the state of the battery and other conditions.


Model Name R18DC R18DTC
Voltage 18V
Suction Work Rate 3 (High): 40W
2 (Mid): 30W
1 (Low): 16W
Dust Cae Capacity 560mL
Type of switch Panel Switch Trigger Switch
Noise level*1
(Measured noise level)
Low Battery Indicator Provided Not Provided
LED Light Provided
Continuous operating time
per charge*2
(With 5.0Ah Battery)
3(High): Approx. 40min
2(Mid): Approx. 48min
1(Low): Approx. 66min
Approx. 40min
Overall dimensions*3 (LxWxH) 478 x 112 x 169mm 478 x 112 x 170mm
Weight*3 1.7kg (With BSL36A18X)
Standard Accessories*4 Flooring nozzle B, Extension pipe (with nozzle holder),
Crevice nozzle
  1. The noise levels are shown for reference purposes and vary according to the measurement system used.
  2. The values shown are for reference purposes and may vary according to the state of the battery and other conditions.
  3. Without the flooring nozzle, extension pipe (with nozzle holder), and crevice nozzle.
  4. Standard accessories vary by country or area.

Optional Accessory

Part Name Code No.
High Performance Filter High Performance Filter           376509
Rack Brush Rack Brush 375371
Round Brush Round Brush 375372
Flexible Hose Flexible Hose 375373
Angle Joint* Angle Joint 375374
Extension Pipe (Short) Extension Pipe (Short) 375375
  • Angle joint cannot be directly installed to the main unit. Use it as a set with the extension pipe or another accessory.
  • Please contact local dealers for product availability and product details.