10.8 - 12V Peak Cordless Cleaner R12DA

Cordless Cleaner:R12DA

Switch Panel Makes continuous operation easier than a trigger that needs to be held down.

  • Three Suction Modes
    The suction power can be switched between 3 modes: 3 HIGH, 2 MID and 1 LOW.

    Indicator Lamp
    When the battery supply is low during operation of the appliance, the indicator lamp will light up.

    Switch Panel
  • Easy to Access Switch Panel

    Placed closer to the hand grip, the switch panel is more easily accessible with one hand.

    Easy to Access Switch Panel

Dirt-free along the Wall

  • Powerful suction picks up dirt close to the wall.

    Dirt-free along the Wall

Three Suction Powers

High 30W, Mid 18W, Low 10W

Quick & Hygienic Dust Disposal with Pre-filter Cleaning System

  • 1. Turn the dust case a couple of times.

    Turn the dust case a couple of times

    Built-in dust removal blades scrape off the dust accumulated on the pre-filter. This makes the pre-filter cleaning process more hygienic.

    2. Dust is collected in the dust case.

    Dust is collected in the dust case

    The dust case is designed for easy dust removal and eliminates the need for disposable bags for dirt collection.

    3. Empty the dust case.

    Empty the dust case

70dB Low Noise

  • Due to its noise reduction structure, the noise level has been reduced by about 2.5dB(A)*

    *Compared to the R10DAL cordless cleaner.

Continuous Operating Time per Charge*1

Battery Continuous Operating Time per Charge*1 (Approx.) Charging Time
(included as standard)
4.0Ah Low: 65min Mid: 43min High: 25min 60min*2
(included as standard)
1.5Ah Low: 25min Mid: 17min High: 10min 22min*2
  1. The stated continuous operation times are approximate and the actual time varies depending on the battery state.
  2. When using the UC12SL charger.

12V PEAK Slide Lithium-Ion Batteries

  • BSL1240M

    4.0Ah / BSL1240M

  • BSL1225M

    2.5Ah / BSL1225M

  • BSL1215

    1.5Ah / BSL1215

Lightweight. Compact. High-Capacity*.

  • Applies to the BSL1240M.

Clear Battery Status Indication (BSL1240M / BSL1225M only)

  • The remaining battery indicator lamp shows not only charge level but also battery overheating and failure when they occur.

    Remaining battery indicator lamp / Remaining battery indicator switch
Indicator Lamp




Battery Charge State 75% and above 50% - below 75% 25% - below 50% Below 25% 0%
Indicator Lamp

Battery Charge State Output suspended due to high temperature*1 Output suspended due to failure*2
  1. Remove the battery from the tool and allow it to cool down fully.
  2. The problem may be with the battery so please contact your dealer.

Class-leading* Charging Speed

  • Approx. 60min with BSL1240M Battery

    Approx. 37min with BSL1225M Battery

    Approx. 22min with BSL1215 Battery

    Fast Charger

    Fast Charger

  • As of November 2018, among 10.8V slide Lithium-ion batteries made by leading power tool manufacturers. (Survey by Koki Holdings)

BSL1240M / BSL1225M / BSL1215 12V Peak Slide Lithium-ion Battery

Model BSL1240M BSL1225M BSL1215
Voltage 10.8 - 12V Peak
Capacity 4.0Ah 2.5Ah 1.5Ah
Charging Time at 20℃* Approx. 60min
(with UC12SL)
Approx. 37min
(with UC12SL)
Approx. 22min
(with UC12SL)
Dimensions (L x H x W) 91 x 45 x 74mm 86 x 42 x 65mm 86 x 42 x 65mm
Compatible Charger UC12SL
  • The charging time may vary depending on the operating conditions and battery state.


Battery Voltage 10.8 – 12V Peak
Dustcase Capacity 560mL
Continuous Operating Time Battery BSL1240M BSL1215
3 (High) Approx. 25min Approx. 10min
2 (Mid) Approx. 43min Approx. 17min
1 (Low) Approx. 65min Approx. 25min
Suction Work Rate 3 (High) Approx. 30W
2 (Mid) Approx. 18W
1 (Low) Approx. 10W
Overall Length 460mm
Weight 1.2kg with BSL1240M, 1.1kg with BSL1215
Standard Accessories* Battery (BSL1240M & BSL1215), Charger (UC12SL), Flooring Nozzle, Crevice Nozzle, Extension Pipe (with Nozzle Holder), Battery Cover
  • Standard accessories may vary by country or area.

Optional Accessories

Part Name Code No.
Rack Brush Rack Brush 332712
Round Brush Round Brush 332713
Flexible Hose Flexible Hose 332714
Angle Joint* Angle Joint 332715
Extension Pipe (Short) Extension Pipe (Short) 332716
Pre Filter Pre Filter 337792
Filter(1pc.) Filter(1pc.) 337793
Filter(10pcs.) Filter(10pcs.) 371824
  • Angle joint cannot be directly installed to the main unit. Use it as a set with the extension pipe or another accessory.
  • Please contact local dealers for product availability and product details.