130mm Reciprocating Saw with Brushless Motor CR13VEY

Reciprocating Saw : CR13VEY

Less Vibration. Easy to Control. HiKOKI Twin Counterweight System

  • The upper and lower counterweight gears spin in opposite directions to balance inertia and significantly reduce vibration.

    image of counterweight

Faster and More Aggressive Orbital Action

  • The change lever switches between the straight mode and the orbital mode.
    Orbital action is most effective for making aggressive cuts into wood and maximizes efficiency.

    Change lever

Cutting Speed*1

  • Steel

    SGP40A, No.141(S) blade, Middle Speed Mode, Straight Mode, 49N(5kgf) Pushing Force

  • Wood

    105mm Western Hemlock, No.132 blade, Max Speed Mode, Orbital Mode (CR13VBY: Swing Mode) ,49N(5kgf) Pushing Force

  1. The values are shown for reference purposes and may vary according to the workpiece material and other operating conditions.
  2. Vs. the CR13VBY reciprocating saw. The value may vary according to the working conditions.
  • Our Original Brushless Motor Technology

    ► No wearing parts (carbon brushes, commutator, rotor coil)
    ► Our original compact controller

    Long Lifetime, Maintenance-Free

    The brushless motor offers a significantly extended product life cycle by eliminating trouble including armature burnout, layer short or commutator wear even in severe work environments. Besides, no carbon brush replacement is required.

    Compact, Lightweight

    Image of Brushless Motor

Compatible with engine generators*

  • Equipped with our original, compact and high efficiency inverter circuit, the reciprocating saw works with an engine generator that doesn’t have an on-board inverter.

    Compatible with Engine Generators
    • When using the brushless motor tools with engine generators whose output voltage can be adjusted, excessive voltage could cause these tools to fail.

Stable operation even during voltage drop

  • The brushless motor runs cooler, and its performance isn't affected as much by voltage drop from long extension cords on site. This vastly improves electrical efficiency.

    Stable Performance during Voltage Drops

Easy to Grip and Handle

  • The twin counterweight system makes the tool compact. The longer and slimmer front grip design allows easier gripping and handling.


Lightest* in its Class

  • 3.9kg (Without cord and blade.)

    • As of January 2019, among reciprocating saws made by leading power tool manufacturers. (Survey by Koki Holdings)

Five-mode Speed Control for a Wide Range of Applications

Mode Min Low Middle High Max
SPM 0~1,200/min 0~1,700/min 0~2,000/min 0~2,500/min 0~3,000/min
Applications Stainless Steel
Fiber Board
Mild Steel Pipes
Cast-iron Tubes
L-shaped Angle Steel

Tool-less Features

  • Tool-less Blade Change

    Blade installation and removal can be done by a simple push of a lever.

  • Tool-less Shoe Adjustment

    The shoe (base) lever allows the shoe to be adjusted.

New Carrying Case

Even Easier to Use with

  • Large Pivoting Hook
    for hanging the tool on a Ø48mm pipe
  • Curved Blade, No.141(S)
    for faster metal cutting (included as standard)


Capacity Mild Steel Pipe 130mm
Vinyl Chloride Pipe 130mm
Wood 300mm
Mild Steel Plate 19mm
Power Input 1,100W
Length of Stroke 32mm
No Load Speed 0 – 3,000/min
Overall Length 490mm
Weight* 3.9kg (without cord)
Standard Accessories Blade (No.141(S)), Carrying Case
  • According to EPTA-Procedure 01/2014.
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  • Please contact local dealers for product availability and product details.