90mm Jig Saws CJ90VST2 / CJ90VAST2

  • CJ90VST2
  • Double Insulation

Faster Cutting Speed

  • Cutting Speed Comparison
    HiKOKI's new Jig Saws, CJ90VST2 and CJ90VAST2 come with improvements in the plunger shaft and cutting feed (26mm instead of the conventional 20mm) to make cutting faster.
    MDF 24mm thick, blade No.41, orbital position Ⅲ, maximum speed, 30N of thrust force

    CJ90VST2 is Approx.2.48m/min (Approx.1.5X FASTER)
    CJ90VAST2 is Approx.2.358m/min (Approx.1.5X FASTER)

Smooth Straight and Curved Cuts

  • The new Jig Saws feature a mechanism which allows rigid and stable clamping of the saw blade, leading to smooth straight and curved cuts.

    Stable clamping of the saw blade,leading to smooth straight and curved cuts.

Tool-less Blade Change

  • An easy to use, large lever allows quick and easy blade change without a tool.

    Image of Tool-less Blade Change
    Image of Tool-less Blade Change

Compact Design

  • Provides easier and more convenient handling compared to previous models.

    Compact image of CJ90VST2

    Image of CJ90VST2

    Compact image of CJ90VAST2

    Image of CJ90VAST2

Blower Function

  • Provides a clear view over the cutting line.

    Image of clear view over thecutting line.

4-Stage Orbital Action

  • Allows the user to select the aggressiveness of the cut most suitable for the work material.


Model CJ90VST2 CJ90VAST2
Capacity Wood 90mm
Mild Steel 10mm
Min. Cutting Radius 25mm
Max Cutting Angle 45° Right / Left
Power Input 705W
Stroke 26mm
No-Load Speed 850 - 3,000/min
Overall Length 215mm 246mm
Weight*1 2.2kg (without cord)
Vibration*2 7.0 m/s2 (particle board) 9.0 m/s2 (particle board)
Standard Accessories*3 Blade No.41, Hex. Bar Wrench 4mm,
Dust Collector (for Europe), Carrying Case
  1. Weight according to EPTA-Procedure 01/2014.
  2. The measured values were determined according to EN62841.
  3. Standard accessories vary by country or area.
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