125mm Circular Saw with Brushless Motor C5MEY

  • Brushless Motor
  • Double Insulation

Fastest in class *1 Cutting Speed

  • Wood Cutting Speed *2

    Cross cutting in 2X10 SPF, 30N thrust force

    C5MEYA:Approx.5.7m/min, Codless model C18DBL:Approx.3.6m/min, Approx 1.5 Faster
  1. As of October 2019, among 125mm circular saws made by leading power tool manufactures. (Survey by Koki Holdings)
  2. Numbers in the chart are for reference purposes and may vary depending on the material being cut and operating conditions.
  3. Vs. the C18DBL circular saw. Numbers are for reference purposes and may vary depending on the material being cut and operating conditions.

Compact and Lightweight

  • Lightweight: 2.2kg
    Overall Width: 176mm

    Easy to push with the handle near the blade

Ideal for Noise-Sensitive Applications

  • Suitable for interior construction

    Silent Mode reduces noise by decreasing the maximum motor RPM. If the load increases while using Silent Mode, the C5MEY circular saw’s operating mode automatically switches to Power Mode, enabling smooth cutting according to cutting conditions.

    • 5dB less noise level

      resulting from reduction of RPM
      to 2,500/min as compared to Power Mode

HiKOKI Original Brushless Motor Technology

  • No wearing parts (carbon brushes, commutator, rotor coil)
  • HiKOKI original compact controller
  • Long Lifetime, Maintenance-free

    Long Lifetime, Maintenance-free

    Stable Performance during Voltage Drops

    Stable Performance during Voltage Drops

    Compact, Lightweight

    Compact, Lightweight

    Compatible with Engine Generators

    Compatible with Engine Generators

Resistant to Voltage Drop

The C5MEY circular saw monitors power supply and load conditions to offer steady performance with minimal speed decrease, even when using an extension cord.

Compatible with Engine Generators

The C5MEY circular saw can be powered by engine generators due to its compact and highly efficient inverter circuit.

Kickback Protection System

Quickly stops the motor on noticing a sudden drop in motor rotation speed to reduce the reaction force (kickback)

The Kickback Protection System may not work or provide specific performance depending on operating conditions. Ensure that the workpiece is properly placed and supported and that the main unit is held firmly during operation. Additionally, carefully read KICKBACK AND RELATED WARNINGS in the instruction manual.

Quick and Easy Blade Change

  • The flat motor housing design and soft material on the surface add stability to the C5MEY circular saw when it is laid on its side. This makes blade change easier and also prevents scratching of the workpiece.

Built-in Aluminium Base

  • Smooth and Accurate Cutting

    Built-in Aluminium Base of Image

Convenient Cord Holder

  • Changing Power Cord Position

    Convenient Cord Holder  of Image

Other Features

  • Parallelism Adjustment System easily ensures the blade is set accurately.
  • High-Intensity LED Light Increases visibility.
  • Blower Function improves cutting line visibility.
  • Backward Saw Dust Exhaust
  • Soft Start


Capacity Blade Dia. 125mm
Max Cut Depth 90° 47mm
45° 30mm
Power Input 1,050W
No Load Speed Power Mode 5,000/min
Silent Mode 2,500/min
Overall Length 254mm
Weight * 2.2kg
Standard Accessories Blade, Wrench, Duct Adapter, Guide, Carrying Case
  • Weight: According to EPTA-Procedure 01/2014.
PDF: 1,800KB
  • Please contact local dealers for product availability and product details.