125mm (5") Electronic Disc Grinders G13BY/G13YG
125mm (5") Disc Grinder G13BA

  • Disc Grinders : G13BY/G13YG/G13BA


  • Disc Grinders : G13BY/G13YG/G13BA



Heavy Duty 1,700W Motor (G13BY & G13YG)


  • User Vibration Protection System for Less User Fatigue
    Delivers less hand-arm vibrations thanks to the integrated auto-balancer and anti-vibration side handle.

    The balls in the auto-balancer move and even out the imbalance of the grinding disc, greatly reducing vibrations.

    Soft Start for Reduced Start-Up Reaction (G13BY & G13YG)

    Image of the auto-balancer


  • Tool-less Disc Change System for Ease of Use
    The wheel nut can be loosened and tightened by hand: when the push button is pressed just before the grinding disc stops after switch-off, the wheel nut loosens itself by around half a turn and can be removed without additional effort or tools.

    Note: Make sure to use a genuine wheel nut designed for the model.

    Image of the wheel nut
  • Tool-less Wheel Guard Adjustment for Increased Versatility
    Allows a user to turn the guard around by pushing a lever.

    Tool-less Wheel Guard Adjustment for Increased Versatility


  • Fast Brake System for High User Protection (G13BY & G13BA)
    Mechanical brake stops the disc within 2 seconds after switching off.

    Fast Brake System for High User Protection
  • Slip Clutch for More User Safety
    Ensures reduced kickback when the disc jams unexpectedly.

    Slip Clutch for More User Safety
  • Anti-Restart Protection for Accident Avoidance
    Prevents unintentional restart of the tool.

  • Overload Protection for Longer Service Life (G13BY & G13YG)
    The load speed decreases when there is too much load on the tool.

  • Electronic Signal Indicator (G13BY & G13YG)
    The display lights up when the overload protection is activated and it flashes when the restart protection is active.

    Electronic signal indicator


Model G13BY G13YG G13BA
Capacity Wheel Dia. 125mm (5")
Hole Dia. 22.23mm (7/8")
Thickness 6mm (1/4")
Spindle Thread M14 x 2
Power Input 1,700W 1,250W
No Load Speed 11,000/min.
Overall Length 335mm (13-3/16") 315mm (12-13/32") 335mm (13-3/16")
Weight* 2.8kg (6.2lbs.) 2.7kg (6.0lbs.)
Standard Accessories Side Handle, Wheel Guard
  • Weight: According to EPTA-Procedure 01/2003.

Optional Accessories

Part Name Code No.
Dust Protection Filter Polishing Sponges(Dia. 160mm)
Detachable dust filter protects the motor from coarse particles.
Cutting Guard Clip Lamb Fleece Polishing Disc(Dia. 150mm)
Designed to simply attach to the existing guard.
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