22mm (7/8")/25mm (1") Impact Wrenches with Brushless Motor WR22SE/WR25SE

  • WR22SE/WR25SE 22mm/25mm Impact Wrenches with Brushless Motor


  • WR22SE/WR25SE 22mm/25mm Impact Wrenches with Brushless Motor


"Smallest & Lightest in its class"*1 and "Robust and Highly Durable"
design is achieved by the industry-first*2 AC Brushless Motor
+ Aluminium Housing Body

  • WR22SE:23mm shorter, 0.2kg lighter / WR25SE:97mm shorter, 1.3kg lighter, than the previous model
    1. As of November 2014. Among 22/25mm-class impact wrenches made by leading power tool manufacturers.
      (surveyed by Koki Holdings.)
    2. 2 As of November 2014. Among impact wrenches made by leading power tool manufacturers. (surveyed by Koki Holdings.)

Maintenance Free

  • The product life cycle is significantly extended by eliminating troubles with armature burnout, layer short or commutator wear in severe environments. No carbon brush replacement is required.

    AC Brushless Motor

Stable performance provided even at voltage drops

  • Power supply and load conditions are continually monitored to provide stable torque even with an extension cord used.

    High Efficiency
  • Tightening torque decrease rate
    Test condition: When using 100m extension cord (50m x 2) with 2.0mm2 nominal cross-sectional area of conductor.
    (This test condition is just for explanation about the difference of the tools. Please use an appropriate extension cord.)

    100V-127V: Only approx. 15% decrease, 200V-240V: Only approx. 7% decrease

Compatible with engine generators

Thanks to Our original, compact & high efficiency inverter circuit.

Aluminium Housing Body
Durability remarkably improved

  • by the internal double-insulation construction with an aluminium die-cast body which firmly holds the rotor shaft, and a plastic stator holder.

    Alminium Housing Body

Bumper and Tail Bumper

  • Bumper : Protects the hammer case.
    Tail Bumper : Protects the housing.

    Bumper and Tail Bumper

Soft grip

Reduces slippage and fits comfortably in the hand.

New trigger
Tumbler-type forward/reverse switch

Allows quick switching between forward and reverse modes.


  • Designed to be hung on a rope and a wire. (For WR25SE)



Model WR22SE WR25SE
Capacity : Ordinary Bolt 14 - 24mm (9/16 - 1") 22 - 30mm (7/8 - 1-3/16")
Capacity : High Tension Bolt 16 - 22mm (5/8 - 7/8") 22 - 24mm (7/8 - 1")
Tightening Torque 620Nm (5,490in.-lbs.) 1,000Nm (8,850in.-lbs.)
Square Drive 3/4" (19mm) 1" (25.4mm)
No Load Speed 1,400/min. 1,100/min.
Impact Rate 2,000/min. 1,500/min.
Overall Length 280mm (11") 340mm (13-3/8")
Weight *1 4.6kg (10.1lbs.) 7.7kg (17.0lbs.)
Vibration Total Values
(triax vector sum) *2
Vibration emission value ah = 15.2m/s2
Uncertainty K = 1.5m/s2
Standard Accessories Side Handle, Carrying Case
  1. According to EPTA-Procedure 01/2003.
  2. The tri-axial vibration values were measured according to EN60745.

Note: Manufacturer reserves the right to change specifications of parts and accessories without notice. Specifications and standard accessories may vary from country to country.

  • Please contact local dealers for product availability and product details.