Demolition Hammer with Brushless Motor H41ME

Demolition Hammer H41MB2


  • Lightest in its class*1

    Employing an AC brushless motor and minimizing the weight of components, this product provides better control for accurate and total demolition, and less fatigue for extended periods of work or during operation in horizontal positions.

  • Best Demolition Performance in its class*1

    Operating condition: Demolition in the downward direction
    Material: Concrete panel with compression strength of 2,352N/cm2 (240kgf/cm2)
    The numbers in the chart are relative values.

  1. As of February 2019, among 5kg class hammers for SDS max bit made by leading power tool manufacturers. (Survey by Koki Holdings)
  2. Weight according to EPTA procedure 01/2003 (incl. 0.3kg side handle).
  • Our Original Brushless Motor Technology

    ► No wearing parts (carbon brushes, commutator, rotor coil)
    ► Our original compact controller

    Long Lifetime, Maintenance-Free

    The brushless motor offers a significantly extended product life cycle by eliminating trouble including armature burnout, layer short or commutator wear even in severe work environments. Besides, no carbon brush replacement is required.

    Compact, Lightweight

    Image of Brushless Motor

Compatible with engine generators*

  • Equipped with our original, compact and high efficiency inverter circuit, the hammer works with an engine generator that doesn’t have an on-board inverter.

    Compatible with Engine Generators
    • When using the brushless motor tools with engine generators whose output voltage can be adjusted, excessive voltage could cause these tools to fail.

Stable operation even during voltage drop

  • The brushless motor runs cooler, and its performance isn't affected as much by voltage drop from long extension cords on site. This vastly improves electrical efficiency.

    Stable Performance during Voltage Drops


  • ①Easy to Hold

    Resin cylinder case cover for better control in various applications.

    ②Less Fatigue

    The low vibration handle comprises an upper unit with rubber dampers and a lower unit with a hinge. It provides high vibration absorption effect for added user comfort.

    ③Impact Rate Selector Switch

    Push-button, constant speed control with variable speed allows the user to adjust the impact rate according to applications.

    ④Soft Start

    Reduces reactive force on the tool body and the bit at the startup.

    ⑤Multiple Bit-Angle Settings

    ⑥One-Push Bit Mounting


Power Input 1,050W
Full Load Impact Rate 1,500 - 2,870/min
Bit Shank SDS max
Overall Length 427mm
Weight* 5.0kg
Standard Accessories Side Handle, Bull Point, Carrying Case
  • Weight according to EPTA procedure 01/2003 (incl. 0.3kg side handle).
PDF: 333KB
  • Please contact local dealers for product availability and product details.