28mm Rotary Hammers DH28PCY2/DH28PBY2

  • DH28PCY2

    DH28PCY2 (3-mode)


    DH28PBY2 (2-mode)

  • UVP
  • SDS-plus
  • Double Insulation

Lowest Vibration in its Class*1

  • A dynamic damper containing a leaf spring and a weight absorbs vibration by resonating with the tool body.

    Absorb vibration by resonance

    Vibration Value Comparison (approx.)*2

    The vibration value of DH28PCY2/DH28PBY2 with UVP(User Vibration Protection) is reduced by approx 24% compared to the existing model DH28PC/PB without UVP(User Vibration Protection).
    1. As of July 2019. Among 28mm rotary hammers excluding the DH28PEC made by leading power tool manufacturers. (Survey by Koki Holdings)
    2. Vs. the existing model DH26PC/PB. The values are shown for reference purposes and may vary according to materials and conditions.

Compact Body

  • The shortened overall length results in better handling.

    • Vs. the existing model DH28PCY/PBY.
    Compared to the existing models DH28PCY/PBY, the total length is 7mm shorter.

New Construction for Motor Protection Labyrinth Ventilation Windows for reducing the ingress of dust and debris into the tool

  • Double ventilation windows (inlets) in labyrinth construction does less harm to the motor by reducing the ingress of dust and debris into the tool.

    Labyrinth ventilation windows
    A section of the labyrinth ventilation windows

Located on the side of the tool body for easy operation Large Change Lever

  • Large Change Lever
    Rotation only icon Rotation only
    For drilling in steel and wood etc.
    (with optional drill chuck and chuck adapter)
    Rotation & Hammering icon Rotation & Hammering
    For drilling into concrete etc.
    Hammering only icon Hammering only (DH28PCY2 only)
    For chiselling of concrete and groove digging etc.
    Angle adjustment function lever position

    Angle Adjustment Function (DH28PCY2 only)

    When using a cold chisel or cutter, the angle of the tool tip can be adjusted by setting the change lever as shown on the left.

Soft and easy to grip Elastomer-covered Side Handle

Easy to insert a bit One-push Bit Mounting

Easy to insert a bit


Model DH28PCY2 DH28PBY2
Capacity Concrete 28mm
Steel 13mm
Wood 32mm
Core Bit 50mm
Power Input 850W
Bit Shank SDS-plus
No Load Speed 0 - 1,100/min
Full Load Impact Rate 0 - 4,300/min
Overall Length 360mm
Weight*1 3.0kg
Vibration Total Values (triax vector sum) *2 Hammer drilling into concrete Vibration emission value ah, HD = 11.2m/s2
Uncertainty K = 1.5m/s2
Equivalent chiselling value Vibration emission value ah, CHeq = 9.9m/s2
Uncertainty K = 1.5m/s2
Standard Accessories*3 Side Handle, Depth Gauge, Carrying Case
  1. Weight according to EPTA-Procedure 01/2003 (incl. the side handle but excl. a cord).
  2. The vibration total values were determined according to EN60745.
  3. Standard accessories vary by country or area.
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