Multi Tool CV350V2

Cordless Multi Tool CV350V2

Easy and Quick Blade Change

Improved lever design allows for convenient and smooth accessory replacement.

1. After placing the accessory, insert the tool shaft and turn clockwise.

2. Press the lever towards the switch to lock the accessory firmly.

  • The images of CV18DA are used for demonstration purposes.

Original Auto Mode and Variable Speed Dial for Optimal Control

Auto speed mode allows the tool to change the speed of oscillation (15,000 or 20,000/min) based on the load, which reduces vibration and noise during operation.
Variable speed dial enables adjusting speeds ranging from 1-5 (6,000 -20,000/min) to suit various applications.

  • CV18DA image is used for demonstration purpose.
Mode Dial Oscillation Frequency
Standard Mode 1 - 5 6,000 - 20,000/min
AUTO Mode A No load : 15,000/min
With load : 20,000/min

A Wide Range of Optional Accessories for Versatility

More than 30 types of accessories are available for a variety of applications including cutting, scraping, grinding and sanding.
For further details of the accessories for Multi tool, please refer to the Accessories for Multi tool pdf file.

Accessories for Multi Tool (411KB)


Oscillation Frequency
(AUTO Mode)
15,000/min (with load:20,000/min)
Oscillation Frequency
(Dial 1-5)
6,000 - 20,000/min
Oscillation Angle 3.2°
Blade Change Tool-less
Blade Mount Standards OIS
Power input 350W
Overall Length 280mm
Weight*1 1.5kg
Standard Accessories*2 Multi tool Blade(MSD32PBC),
Tool Box (No.337685),
Sanding Pad(MU93D),
Sanding Paper, Dust Collector,
Carrying Case
  1. According to EPTA-Procedure 01/2014
  2. Standard accessories may vary by country/area or specifications
  • Please contact local dealers for product availability and product details.