305mm (12") Cutter / 355mm (14") Cutter CM75EAP / CM75EBP

  • CM75EAP/CM75EBP : 305mm Cutter/355mm Cutter


  • CM75EAP/CM75EBP : 305mm Cutter/355mm Cutter



Top-class : Max Power Output 3.9kW
  • As of July 2014. Among 75mL(cc) or less class engine cutters made by leading power tool manufactures(surveyed by Koki Holdings.)

Powered by 75mL(cc) New PureFire Engine

The engine meets U.S. (EPA PHASE3) and European (STAGE2) emission standards.

Exhaust Pulsation Muffler increases charge efficiency and power, and reduces fuel consumption

  • The pressure waves reflected in a brunch of the muffler pushes the outgoing fresh mixture flow back to the cylinder. That increases charge efficiency and power, and reduces fuel consumption. And emission levels are significantly reduced by preventing fresh mixture from being exhausted.

    Exhaust Pulsation Muffler

Compensator delivers stable power

A compensator keeps the mixing ratio between air and fuel (air-fuel ratio) constant. It prevents the air-fuel ratio from varying due to a clogged air filter and delivers stable power.

High Durability

Metal Cover Plate

  • Equipped with a replaceable metal cover plate to protect the arm cover from cut materials and the like.

    etal Cover Plate

Metal Lower Guard and Metal Front Foot Plate

  • Protect the main unit from cut materials and the like.

    Metal Lower Guard and Metal Front Foot Plate

Dust-resistant Recoil Starter with Decomp. system

  • A dust-resistant recoil starter with anti-abrasive starter rope is long-lasting even in work environments with large amounts of dust and debris. It is easy to start with less force required due to a Decomp. system.

    Dust-resistant Recoil Starter
Easy Maintenance

Toolless Detachable Pre-filter

  • A toolless detachable cleaner box makes it easy to clean the pre-filter.

    Toolless Detachable Pre-filter

Convenient Tool Holder

  • Keeps standard wrenches on the machine, preventing losses of them.

    tool holder
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    CM75EAP and CM75EBP AR Marker


Displacement 75.0mL (cc)
Max Power 3.9kW
Decomp. System Yes
Fuel Tank Capacity 1,100mL
Abrasive Wheel (Type 41) /
Diamond Wheel
Outer Dia. 305mm (12") 355mm (14")
Arbor Hole Dia. 20mm (51/64")   [ 25.4mm (1") with Adapter collar ]
Max. Speed 5,100/min or more
Max. Thickness 3.5mm (9/64") 4.0mm (5/32")
Spindle Max. Speed 4,200/min
Dimensions (L x W x H) 630 x 225 x 394mm
(24-51/64" x 8-7/8" x 15-1/2")
630 x 225 x 420mm
(24-51/64" x 8-7/8" x 16-17/32")
Weight (without fuel, wheel and accessories) 10.4kg (22.9 lbs.) 10.6kg (23.4 lbs.)
Sound Pressure Level LpA*1 by ISO 19432 Measured : 99.5 dB(A)
Uncertainty K : 3.0 dB(A)
Sound Power Level LwA*2 by ISO 19432 Measured : 115 dB(A)
Uncertainty K : 3.0 dB(A)
Vibration Level*1 by ISO 19432 Front handle : 2.2 m/s2
Rear handle : 2.7 m/s2
Uncertainty K : 1.0 m/s2
Front handle : 2.4 m/s2
Rear handle : 2.9 m/s2
Uncertainty K : 1.0 m/s2
Standard Accessories Abrasive Cut-off Wheel, Adapter Collar, Combi Box Spanner, Hex. Wrench, Protective Glasses

Note : Noise level / vibration levels are calculated as the time-weighted energy total for noise / vibration levels under various working conditions with the following time distribution:
*1 : 1/7 idle, 6/7 full load.
*2 : Full load.
All data are subject to change without notice.

Note: Manufacturer reserves the right to change specifications of parts and accessories without notice. Specifications and standard / optional accessories may vary from country to country.

  • Please contact local dealers for product availability and product details.