Chain Saw with Standard Handle CS40EA(S) / CS40EA(SP)

CS40EA(S)/CS40EA(SP) Chain Saw


  • New PureFire engine
  • The CS40EA(SP) meets U.S. (EPA PHASE3) and European (STAGE2) emission standards
  • S-start : Soft and smooth start of recoil
  • Spring type Anti-Vibration System
  • Guide bar length 330mm, 380mm, 400mm or 450mm


Displacement 39.6mL (cc)
Max Power 1.8kW
Decomp.System NO
Fuel Tank Capacity 380mL
Oil Tank Capacity 240mL
Chain Pitch 0.325"
Guide Bar Length 330mm (13"): CS40EA(33S) / CS40EA(33SP)
380mm (15"): CS40EA(38S) / CS40EA(38SP)
400mm (16"): CS40EA(40S) / CS40EA(40SP)
450mm (18"): CS40EA(45S) / CS40EA(45SP)
Type of Guide Bar Sprocket Nose
Chain Gauge 0.05"
Dimensions(L x W x H) 381 x 229 x 283mm
Dry Weight 4.4kg

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