Grasstrimmer / Brushcutter CG24ECP(SL)(S) / CG24EC(SL)(S)

  • CG24ECP(SL)(S)/CG24EC(SL)(S) Grasstrimmer / Brushcutter

    (S)models:Bike handles

  • CG24ECP(SL)(S)/CG24EC(SL)(S) Grasstrimmer / Brushcutter

    (SL)models:Loop handle

Super lightweight

The weight has been greatly reduced compared to the CG24EAS/CG24EAP2 engine brush cutters/grass trimmers.

Super lightweight
  • Without the fuel, blade, cutter cover and shoulder belt.

Asymmetrical bike handles

  • provide stress free operation and helps to reduce fatigue.
    (S) models only.

    Asymmetrical bike handle

Vibration absorbing loop handle

  • reduces vibration transmission to operator's hand thanks to the split structure with anti-vibration rubber joints.
    (SL) models only.

    • Barrier bar prevents the cutting blade from contacting the user in case of a kickback. It is not a handle and should not be gripped when using or carrying the unit.
    Vibration absorbing loop handle


reduces the amount of pull force required to start the engine.


Model CG24ECP(SL)
Engine Displacement 23.9mL (cc)
Spark Plug TORCH L7RTC (Compatible with NGK BPMR7A)
Max. Power 0.72kW
Fuel Tank Capacity 400mL (cc)
Dry Weight *1 4.1kg 4.2kg
Cutting Attachment Type (Dia.) Nylon Cord Metal Blade (255mm)
Sound Pressure Level LpA
Equivalent *2 84dB (A) 85dB (A)
Uncertainty 3dB (A)
Sound Power Level LwA
Measured Racing 104dB (A) 105dB (A)
Guaranteed Racing 106dB (A) 107dB (A)
Vibration Level
(Front / Left Handle)*2
5.2m/s2 4.4m/s2
(Rear / Right Handle)*2
5.9m/s2 4.3m/s2
Uncertainty 1.5m/s2
  1. Without the fuel, blade, cutter cover and shoulder belt.
  2. Equivalent noise level/vibration level are calculated as the time-weighted energy total for noise/vibration levels under various working conditions with the following time distribution: 1/2 Idle, 1/2 racing.
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